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Poster for WILD LIFE – The Lance Mackey Story ~ AIFF ’23
Watch trailer for WILD LIFE – The Lance Mackey Story ~ AIFF ’23 Watch trailer

WILD LIFE – The Lance Mackey Story ~ AIFF ’23

Dates with showtimes for WILD LIFE - The Lance Mackey Story ~ AIFF '23
  • Thu, Dec 14

Run Time: 120 min. Rating: Not rated

“Films Worth Freezing For”

Lance Mackey, rock star of the dog mushing world, grew up in difficult circumstances in rural Alaska. A troubled relationship with his father led him to sled dog racing, through which he believed he could make his father proud and mend his broken relationship. But tragedy struck in the form of stormy relationships, addiction, accidents, poverty, illness, and death. He lived like an outlaw in a house on a hill, together with 50 of the best dogs in the world. He enjoyed tremendous love from fans all over the world, until it all came crashing down in the fall of 2022.

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