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Poster for UnCharitable
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Opens on September 16

Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal Run Time: 90 min. Rating: Not rated Release Year: 2023

Starring: Dan Pallota, Darren Walker, Edward Norton, Mayra Veronica, Rudy Espinoza

Everything you know about change… is about to change.

After three of the most dynamic and successful U.S. charities were shut down by conservative charity watchdogs, destroying lives and cutting off precious resources, many of the top influencers in the field knew something had to be done to overhaul the nonprofit sector. Led by Dan Pallotta, whose record-breaking TED Talk on the subject has inspired leading philanthropists and changemakers, this feature-length documentary directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal exposes the dark side of philanthropy and introduces a radical new way of giving. In a powerful call to action, Uncharitable demands that charities be freed from the traditional sackcloth-and-ashes constraints, so that they can truly change the world.

Presented in association with Alaska Association on Developmental Disabilities and Health TIE

Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, July 16th.


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